The Temple: The Center Of Connection

laitman_937Comment: The scriptures describe how sacrifices were made in the Temple. The horns of the ox that went ahead were covered with gold.

Answer: In our world there are things that hint about how a person should embellish what was given to him by nature so that it would become a proper reward to the Creator.

Embellishment is the intention for our desires. After all, an ox, a cow, a sheep, fruit, berries, and everything that makes up human life and is brought to the Temple is all given to a person from above. And what he adds from himself is embellishment, which speaks of his addition to what is given by the Creator.

The whole world is given by the Creator. What can a person add to it? His intentions. They are described in the Torah.

Comment: The scriptures also say that when you enter the Temple, you must read Tehillim (Psalms).

Answer: Every inhabitant of the Earth had to visit the Temple three times a year and bring the first fruit of their labor there. The temple was small in size, but a huge number of people passed through it. They prayed, studied, and ate together there, and then went home. Thus, everything revolved around the Temple.

Some used to bring sacrifices in the form of gifts, others donated money. A certain number of hours were devoted to study, and a person went out with a wealth of knowledge, that is, cleansed from everyday dirt. He continued his usual life, but with the added load that he got in the Temple.

And most importantly, people were sitting there together, singing, and having their meals. It was a special public work during which everyone felt that he was connected with everyone else, and when he left the Temple, he naturally carried with him a sense of connection.

Thus, the Temple was a kind of people’s university for connection and education, giving the right understanding of the purpose for which we exist. It was a cultural and scientific center, the center of people’s connection with each other and with the Creator.

It was from there that the Torah, Nevi’im (Prophets), Ketuvim (Holy Writings), Mishna, Talmud, and everything else spread. They were recorded, worked on, studied, and then all that went with the people to exile.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/09/16

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