The Solution For The Immigrants—Education

Laitman_419Comment: 240 immigrants recently drowned on their way to Italy. According to statistics 5,000 immigrants drowned last year. This means that the immigrants are still infiltrating Europe. Despite the limitations that Europe has set, they keep flowing in.

Answer: Thousands of emigrants from the Middle East and Africa are crossing the European border daily, and it is impossible to stop that flow.

It is a wave of history. It is the way it should be until Europe truly begins to colonize Africa and the Middle East in a kind way, restoring the correct mutual relations between people there, opening universities and schools, supplying necessities, and teaching locals so that they will be able to establish the correct developed society.

But how can the Europeans do that if they themselves are egoists? They colonized Africa in a wrong way; therefore, they reap such results.

Question: So you are in favor of a different sort of colonization via education?

Answer: I am only in favor of training and educating people locally, in favor of creating a proper kind society in their motherlands where they should live and feel good, and will not immigrate to Europe.

Question: Do you believe that it is possible to restore places that are totally ruined like Syria and Lebanon?

Answer: If the West invests resources and energy in this process and realizes that this is indeed the way they should position themselves, then it is certainly possible.

It is much costlier to try to adapt the immigrants to the conditions in Europe than to help them rebuild their lives in their natural home. There, it is at least hundred times cheaper, than any action taken in Europe.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/27/17

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