The European Union Wants To Be “Rescued” From The Refugees

laitman_430Comment: Brussels continues to invent new ways to solve the refugee crisis. The European Union is ready to pay Africa 62 billion Euro for its citizens not to cross the borders of Africa.

Only half a year ago Europe offered 1.8 billion Euro to Africa, and they agreed. It’s only been half a year, and today they are talking about 62 billion Euro. The sum is rising at a dizzying speed.

Answer: Africa is beginning to recognize its power. This is similar to the situation in the past when nomadic hordes would besiege some city, undermining and shooting flaming arrows beyond the walls of the city. Even though the city would defend itself against them, they were still doomed.

Today Europe is doomed. Even if the Europeans built a wall like the Great Wall of China, it would not help, because if we check the facts from a historical point of view, the wall was not useful in the past. The wall was used to strengthen the spirit of the Chinese people, not as a defense against enemies.

So Europe will not rescue itself with money, but it has no other way out but to pay. Africa will take the money and continue to attack, and Europe will finish itself off by its own hands. Europe has become weakened in spirit, that period of history when it possessed great power has gone.

The Europeans are in a terrible internal state; on the one hand, they boast about themselves: “We are Europe!” But on the other hand, they feel a state of depression and inferiority. While they are boasting to each other about which of them is more European, the refugees are gradually conquering them. Today all over Europe a threatening spirit is hovering: “We are the conquerors!”

The one thing that Europe can do in the present situation is to use the true method of association according to the wisdom of Kabbalah and not the present European system. Only then will higher forces, the Upper Light, appear in Europe that will frighten the uninvited immigrants on the one hand, and will force them to change on the other. Only the Light can change everything!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/9/16

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