“So That He Should Not See Anything Unseemly Among You”

Laitman_049_03Torah, Deuteronomy 23:15: For the Lord, your God, goes along in the midst of your camp, to rescue you and to deliver your enemies before you. [Therefore,] your camp shall be holy, so that He should not see anything unseemly among you and would turn away from you.

There are many laws in the Torah forbidding a person to be naked. During both day and night, he must be covered with clothes and undress only when he enters the Mikva (the pool for bathing). However, even for this, there are special rules.

It is not about being clean physically; although of course, this also matters. It means that everything should be in strict accordance with the spiritual ablution of the body. “Body” is a desire. Therefore, the Torah speaks about the way to purify the desire from various impure layers of egoistic intentions so that the desires will have a correct intention for bestowal and could already be used.

Therefore, we are told to squeeze all “excrements” out of the desire, bury them into the ground, and wash yourself. It was preferable to wash and not to wipe yourself. By the way, this law remains to this day among many Asian peoples in Russia and in southern countries.

I often visited Baku, Azerbaijan where there is a container with water in each toilet. This is very correct because whatever corresponds to spiritual health corresponds to physical health as well.

Therefore, we cannot say that a spiritual action can harm the physical body. For example, in the nations that do not circumcise, men are 20-30% more likely to have cancer. All of it is naturally connected.

Question: Is Kashrut [the body of Jewish religious laws concerning the suitability of food, the fitness for use of ritual objects, etc.] also beneficial for health?

Answer: I believe that Kashrut is an absolute benefit. So far we cannot understand because we do not have enough knowledge as to why it is forbidden to eat artiodactyla animals (pigs, camels, and so on), although there is nothing harmful in them from a scientific point of view. However, since this is a consequence from the spiritual root, we will eventually discover the reason for this phenomenon, if it is at all necessary.

Everything comes from the spiritual world and, therefore, if you violate spiritual prohibitions, it gives direct, incorrect consequences in our world.

Question: Why is it forbidden for a person to be naked?

Answer: A person should be dressed all the time, even under a blanket because clothes symbolize the correction of the body. After all, clothing is a shell, like a screen.

The body represents desire that should have a screen. Therefore, some parts of the body (desire) can be exposed, and some should be covered. A required cover for some of them means that there should be a screen for these desires of the soul.

The face of a person is always exposed because it represents the three upper Sefirot and emits the light of Hochma. The head should nevertheless, in principle, be covered.

The Kippah has a small likeness to the spiritual attributes. In fact, previously, all men tied a handkerchief on their head or covered it with all sorts of cloaks such as tallit. And women dressed in oriental style with everything long and closed but white, not black.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/19/16

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