Clean Ecology

Laitman_509Torah, Deuteronomy 23:13 – 23:14: And you shall have a designated place outside the camp, so that you can go out there [to use it as a privy]. And you shall keep a stake in addition to your weapons; and it shall be, when you sit down outside [to relieve yourself], you shall dig with it, and you shall return and cover your excrement.

This is about clean ecology, even in those old times. After all, if we recall medieval France or Germany, it was impossible to walk on the streets because slop was poured directly through the windows. There was a terrible stench everywhere that also came from people.

According to the Torah, a person must wash himself at least once a week, and wash his hands before each meal. Why was everyone surprised that the Jews never became infected with anything, and believed that they sent the plague to everyone, but they themselves didn’t get sick? It is because nobody observed the laws of hygiene except the Jews. They are described in the Talmud with such thoroughness that it would be good for us to keep them today.

It even indicates how to wash hands. If you touch body parts that must be covered, you must wash hands after that. And you shouldn’t touch your body at all during prayer.

Question: What does this mean in the internal work?

Answer: It is a very complex thing. Klipot (the impure desires) give us systems for removal of body waste.

The system itself isn’t simple and is very interesting. Why aren’t we created in an optimal way? If I absorb some energy, and it dissolves in me and gives me life, then why should some amount of it be ejected from me to the outside?

And not just from me. This also happens on the vegetative and animal levels because there must be a circulation of any unification in nature. We see it even in inanimate nature: discharge of various gases from stones, radiation and so on.

Waste from most levels can be used as fertilizers. This is a completely closed ecological system. Everything is designed so that one nourishes another.

In spirituality, this means the processing of desires that takes place on several levels: for the sake of the Creator, for the sake of others, through oneself, and so on. Therefore, even in things that a person discharges from himself, there is a connection between him and the general ecological system.

The organism was initially created this way. Even an embryo in its mother’s womb segregates waste that enters the mother, and she releases it from herself.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/19/16

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