Generation Gap, Part 3

laitman_559Question: On what grounds are friendship and connection between generations possible? Are there such things that do not depend on time and age?

Answer: Only the soul that is eternal does not depend on time. All the rest is temporary. Only the soul can be common between different generations because it is really one for all. And so for the soul, it does not matter what generation you are from: baby boomers, X, Y, Z, or A.

The soul will always be one for all future generations; it is higher than time and higher than life and death. In all generations, from the period of the dinosaurs and even the Big Bang, when we existed in the form of tiny particles of desire, until today and until the end of the correction, the soul will be common to all.

Therefore, there is no other common interest or another basis on which we will be working together, supporting each other, and needing one another, but only in the development of the soul.

Question: Does it mean that the soul is something unchangeable and eternal that unites all the generations together? But what is the soul and how does one develop it?

Answer: The soul is a special desire of a person to feel not within oneself but outside of oneself. Such a desire can be developed in you by working in a group using the method of Kabbalah, which allows you to rise above your own egoism. And then I will see the world not warped by my selfishness, how I perceive it usually inside me, but what it really is—outside of me.

I pass through a small group, as through a filter, leaving my egoism in it and I begin to see the world, not clouded by my selfishness. This is a completely different reality, which is called the spiritual world. Perception of the spiritual world is what my soul is.

To develop the soul means to develop in oneself the ability to exist above one’s egoism. Egoism is the desire to absorb everything within myself, which prevents me from feeling the world outside me.

Question: It turns out that the relationship between parents and children is divided into two areas. One is external and is simply a material security: to feed the children, to dress, and to provide everything necessary for their existence. But there is still an inner connection that transcends the material. Is there no gap between the generations in this internal area?

Answer: Inner connection is more objective, not tied to the person himself. Of course, there also are differences between us, depending on how much one is able to get out of his egoism, to rise above it, and begin to feel the higher reality.

Question: What allows us to connect in this area with the younger generation as opposed to the material realm?

Answer: There we all meet, outside the spiritual world, beyond the anti-egoistic filter. We leave on it all our petty egoistic whims that are related to the animal stage and to the stage of the man of this world. The animal stage is a desire for food, sex, family, and human desires are money, power, and knowledge. And all this we drop and remain with the desires of the soul.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/18/17

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