What Does The Creator Want From Us?

Laitman_632_3Question: Are there upper forms of consciousness?

Answer: These are the only forms that there are. In our world, consciousness is subordinate to the small egoistic desire and serves only that desire. The upper consciousness is that which serves the Creator. This consciousness stems from attaining the Creator, from resembling Him, from working together with Him.

Question: How can we understand what the Creator wants from us?

Answer: The Creator wants us to be like Him, so we must learn the method that reveals the Creator. To the extent that we learn it, we will attain Him and resemble Him.

Question: Does this mean that as long as we don’t attain the Creator, we will not be able to understand what He wants?

Answer: The Creator wants you to enjoy.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/15/17

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