Becoming A Part Of The Creator’s Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the Creator is a thought, then having attained similarity of properties with the Creator, do I also become a thought?

Answer: When we fulfill the Plan of creation, we also become part of this thought. The Creator created desire in the created being in order to give it an opportunity to exist, to be tangible and real. In order to exist outside the Creator, we need matter, which is called desire. But the possibility to become similar to the Creator, merge with Him, and achieve adhesion is accomplished solely by way of thought. The Creator wishes to delight us and He does by means of thought. If we wish to bestow to Him, we also do it by way of a thought. Thought prevails over everything. This regards man as well. In every one of us, there are various desires but we evaluate a person based on his ability to think.
From Kab TV’s “Kabbalah for Beginners,” 10.21.10

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  1. I fully agree, of course.
    I just wanted to add;
    Everything is a thought of some sort. In the same way everything is made from light, everything is a thought. When one begins to feel deeper within himself, he feels how his thoughts come from deeper than he previously thought; that they come from a source. He starts to feel and see how his thoughts relate to the world around him, how everything that seems without is a projection of what is deep within. Maybe he understood this before, but now he feels/sees it – he knows it. He then begins to understand how to work with these thoughts on the deeper/higher level, instead of on the surface/with the ego.
    A person is already a thought, a thought in the mind of others, & others are manifestations of his thoughts. We are all thoughts from the mind of HaShem. Or perhaps I should say we are a thought. We just don’t see that truth yet. But we will.

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