No Desire, No Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Did I understand it correctly that thought precedes emotion?

Answer: We measure thought by the magnitude of desire to which it applies. Desire is experienced in the heart, and a thought in the mind. What is primary, and what is secondary?

On our side, desire precedes thought since when a person starts wanting, he experiences a thought about how to obtain what he desires. If I have no desire for something, I will never think about it.

A person is constantly bombarded by the desires of this world and he is in turmoil because they pull him in different directions. How do we check the thought so we don’t get confused?

A thought can be discerned only when a person becomes part of the group and receives greater desire from it. The group gives him certain values, its own values, and if he is included in the group, he accepts its values and desires, and then the desire awakens to realize the new thought he received from the group. Desire always precedes thought.

Basically, we don’t possess a thought per se; we desire! If there are desires, there are thoughts; if not, there are no thoughts. The greater the desire is, the greater the thought.
From Kab TV’s “Kabbalah for Beginners,” 10.21.10

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