Israel Independence Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanI am very happy that the majority of my life was spent here, in Israel.

I am happy that after thousands of years of exile, my people exists as a nation and as citizens in their own country.

I am happy that we are becoming stronger with each passing year, and that for the envy of everyone and for the anger of our enemies, we are building a country that keeps getting better and better.

I hope that we will be able to overcome many more problems that exist in our nation, which mostly have to do with unifying the nation into one whole.

I very much hope that next year, the year of our country’s seventieth anniversary, we will reach a state when we will really become “as one man with one heart,” which was mentioned at the birth of our nation 3000 years ago.

Let’s make sure that this commitment is fulfilled.

Good luck! And Happy Birthday!

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