Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/18/16, Part 1

laitman_281_02Question: Are there many people in the world with a point in the heart?

Answer: There are not that many, a total of a few hundred thousand. Initially, every person has a point in the heart, but we are talking about people with whom the point in the heart has already manifested, pulling them from within, and they cannot live in any other way.

Question: What is the main thing in the spiritual work of a person?

Answer: The most important thing in a person’s spiritual work is to understand the right connection between studying, the group, the teacher, and the Creator.

Question: How does the work of fulfilling the ego differ from the work of correcting the ego?

Answer: We must first correct the ego, and then to the degree that it is corrected, it will be fulfilled.

Question: What must a person do during the time he is in this world, in his body?

Answer: He must go to the upper world.

Question: Could it be that the Creator has programmed falsehood, greed, and egoism in a person?

Answer: Certainly. He did all of that.

Question: Where is it possible to read about the correct order of the inner work of a person?

Answer: One can read the book Shamati It has been published in a variety of forms and translated into many languages.

Question: Why is it worthwhile to make an effort to conduct professional activities?

Answer: This is only to support the family; all the rest of one’s time and energy should be devoted to spiritual development.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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