Toward A New Social Order

laitman_214Question: You said that the corporeal world doesn’t interest a Kabbalist at all. Can a Kabbalist be indifferent to what is happening in the corporeal world that he is living in temporarily?

Answer: The fact is that the physical world is an absolute consequence of our behavior. And we can change our behavior only with the help of the spiritual world.

Therefore, all of humanity’s attempts to do something in this world are useless. Everything goes back to the way it was before and we keep making the same mistakes and receive the same blows as a result. It would be better if we did nothing.

It is best for a person to engage only in his spiritual development. That is why this world does not interest Kabbalists. It is a kind of a reflection of their advancement.

Baal HaSulam writes that we will become a communist society, not the kind we have heard about from those who adopted the methods of Lenin and Marx, but a truly egalitarian and just society.

This society is not the actual goal, but is simply a reflection of the internal state of people who will continue to live in this world in the future. They will be in an internal state and the relations between them will enable them to establish a society in which people are more equal and closer to each other because the upper Light will impact them more and more and will connect them into a unified structure.

Marx accurately foresaw this; humanity will inevitably return to this. He wrote about a new society and did not refer to Russia or any other country, and he believed that such a society would be established in the future since this is the natural course of our evolution; evolution leads us to that. It turns out that he was right. You don’t need to be a prophet; you but simply need to understand the course of our evolution correctly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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