Texas: Anti-Semitism

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: America is experiencing a new wave of anti-Semitism. In one of the schools in Texas, pamphlets with anti-Semitic content were being distributed. Notably, the school principal was silent, didn’t show his attitude toward this, didn’t condemn it. This is what it has come to!

Answer: The school principal sees that everyone either approves or sympathizes with this and feels that all Zionists (Jews) are an undesirable foreign element that stands against society.

Question: As a Jew, I look at a swastika, and do you know what I feel?

Answer: You feel horror because you come from a place where this symbol is associated with extermination, danger, death, hatred, and torture. But for them, apparently, these associations do not yet exist, as we see that they do not run from it. They think that the rest are just mistaken and don’t understand that the Jews are good.

Question: Where are all the Jews who split up into two different camps: Trump supporters, Clinton supporters, et al. with respect to this?

Answer: They are the ones that gave rise to anti-Semitism! As soon as hostilities among the Jewish people arise, anti-Semites appear and begin to put pressure on them. And all in order to unite them! If the Jews only listened and understood that they need to unite…

Even before the WWII Baal HaSulam urged unification! They did not listen to him and walked into the Holocaust. Had they listened, the Holocaust would not have happened.

The same thing is taking place today: If the Jews that side with Sanders and the Jews that side with Trump listen and begin to unite, then anti-Semitism will immediately vanish! It works by a simple principle: The more united the Jews, the less anti-Semitism; the more they fall out of their unity and hate each other, the more anti-Semitism rises. This is how it works in history.

There exists a law: Separation between the Jews elicits anti-Semitism, unification of the Jews removes anti-Semitism. We went through this recently, during the holiday of Purim.

Haman says, “Jews must be destroyed.” Why? Because they are scattered all over the entire country and are not uniting among themselves.

Then Esther and Mordechai started to call the Jews to unite. And as soon as they started to unite, it was possible to hang Haman, end anti-Semitism, and furthermore, rise to the head of society with a clear direction toward general, world-wide unification. This is exactly what is demanded of us today.

Everything depends on us. We are the only ones who have the freedom to choose: either to unite or to war.
From KabTV’s “News With Michael Laitman’, 3/13/17

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