Marriage To Yourself

laitman_564In the News (Deseret News): “Polonious may have been just a tad ahead of his time when in Hamlet he counseled, ‘This above all: To thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night to day, thou canst not then be false to any man.’

“According to, he was talking about ‘living a good and balanced life.’ But he might have been speaking of the latest quirk in marriage ceremonies: The marrying of oneself to … oneself.

“Sologamy, as a ‘wedding for one’ is called, is not attracting a tidal wave of people who want to do it, but it’s capturing some attention in parts of the world as diverse as Denmark, the United States and Japan. Single women, particularly, are pledging in formal ceremonies to love themselves, be good to themselves and treat themselves as a best friend. It’s not just the gals, either, though they’re a bit more apt to take the solo plunge.”

My Comment: This is said very beautifully. In fact, this emphasizes the basis of human nature—self-love. Man does not love anyone as much as he loves himself. This is absolutely honest, instinctively correct, and occurs naturally. I think only about myself, and no one blames me for that. I only take care of myself, serve only myself, so long as I feel good. This is true narcissism; I was engaged to myself to begin with.

This whole situation leads a person to the recognition of his true nature. Therefore, I am in favor of a person claiming, confirming, and admitting that he only loves himself and that he became engaged to himself the moment he was born. He doesn’t need to sign it but simply recognize the fact that he truly dedicates all his time and energy to himself. This is really our nature, and where can we escape from it?

Then suddenly he promises to live with, take care of, and think about some person all the time, to think about him. Today we see that love cannot exist. The attraction and living together for most young couples today lasts for about two to five years at the most, and then the marriage falls apart, crumbles, and they cannot take it any longer. We have reached a state where we cannot think of any type of communication other than temporary ones.

This is our way of recognizing evil. Human nature needs correction. Within us lies a second hidden part of our nature, which will not allow us to remain in our fraudulent state. Humanity cannot agree with this; it will look for a way out and find it—in correcting itself.

Therefore, any awareness of the evil of our nature is a positive process. I hope that we will discover more impulses of humanity and rise to the next level.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/23/16

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