Rising Above Our Temporary Existence

Laitman_712_02Question: What is the essential difference between life in spiritual attainment and our current existence?

Answer: Our current life is limited in time, consciousness, and the options we have. Our whole life is an escape from suffering.Since there is almost no pleasures in life, any way of slightly minimizing our suffering is felt as pleasure.

What pleasure can there be if a person constantly looks for a way to be satisfied, to be filled, and to sustain himself? How can we speak about happiness when we are constantly advancing toward death?

I don’t see anything good in that. Therefore, I don’t understand what you can enjoy and why to try to keep on living in this condition. The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t say we should give up the way we are living, but it suggests we rise above it to attain eternity and perfection.

Question: We are talking about the soul, about the Creator. Why do people seem not to hear us?

Answer: A person doesn’t feel a need to reveal the Creator or the soul because he is immersed in corporeal worries.

Although people do show some interest in this issue, our world is scrutinized from a totally egoistic perspective, which has nothing to do with the real soul.

There is some desire to hear what is said about it, but a person has no desire to discover his soul and to join the general system called the soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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