Why Do People Shy Away From The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?

laitman_231_01“But the words of the Torah are sublime secrets” (The Book of Zohar, “Beha’alotcha,” 58). What does “sublime secrets” mean? There actually are no secrets. We just are not ready or don’t want to discover them. The secret is with respect to us. The whole world is open!

The upper world, the world of forces, is here. Supposedly, we control it and do what we want in it. But in fact, we have no access to it. It is not possible for us to manipulate the higher forces because our inner characteristics are very limited. If we were to expand them, we would begin to exist within an entirely different world.

Comment: Often we “accuse” the wisdom of Kabbalah of being mysticism, but, in fact, all religions are based upon mysticism.

My Response: People are accustomed to accusing others regarding something in which they are themselves immersed. But the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks only about a method through which a person can discover himself individually and not in any other way, and it is not something easy.

It is natural for us to accuse the wisdom of Kabbalah of being mysticism, of fortunetelling, and so forth! After all, there is nothing more hated in our world than the wisdom of Kabbalah because it says that we must correct our nature, change ourselves. Who would want to do that?

Comment: But it is being done in the name of a higher purpose: attainment of the Creator!

My Response: The simple person doesn’t see that and doesn’t want it. For him it is better to shut his eyes like a child.

Question: What is the difference between what the wisdom of Kabbalah tells a person: “Change your nature and rise to the level of the Creator!” and what religions say: “Perform some actions in this world and you will assure yourself of the next world this way!” After all, in both cases, isn’t the person performing actions to gain the next world?

Answer: Certainly, the person is performing the same actions according to his egoistic nature. But to become equal to the Creator, a person must turn himself inside out. This is an absolutely different approach, so few agree with it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/14/16

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  1. Nice article. It would seem however that, on the one hand, “perform some actions in this world to assure something in the next world” sadly, often becomes just a mechanical action without thought. The intention is egoistic. The study of kabbalah, for those who are attracted to it, becomes more of a quest for understanding and connection with something greater. That is actually an emotional connection. Again, the intention is egoistic but somehow the egoism is different and changing. Anyway…it takes a long time and a lot of study but there is certainly something about it worthy of a great deal of respect.

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