Rising Above Earthly Forces

laitman_934Question: Are there geographical places where the good force or the evil force prevail?

Answer: Yes. There are places on Earth where the positive force operates more and assists a person’s development and other places where it doesn’t.

But, at the same time, I wish to emphasize that the most important thing is the unity between us. By connecting, we ascend by several orders of magnitude higher than the Earth, with all its impact upon us. If people wish to overcome their egoism for the sake of unity, they rise higher than all of nature, so it makes no difference how it affects them or where they are, even if they are in the most terrible place on earth.

It is said that the land of Israel totally destroys its inhabitants and that it is a blessed holy land?!… It is holy only for people who unite because when they do, they receive the life-giving force from it, and if they don’t, this land totally destroys them and throws them out.

I don’t advise you to indulge in different historical and geographical descriptions because if we unite, we will overcome all the problems and they will serve us and will not be against us.

Ignore the different mystic or extrasensory influences, because when people unite, they ascend to stronger levels of influence than any of the earthly influences.

If ten people begin to work between them on establishing a mutual connection, the next level of creation will be revealed between them. They will begin to discover that they are not just ordinary human beings, but they created a special spiritual center, a vessel, in which they will begin to feel the spiritual world, the force that appears between them, the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/14/16

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