Religions Do Not Interfere With Unity

laitman_622_02Question: Most people in the world define themselves as believers no matter what religion they belong to. On the other hand, you talk about unity.

Religion and the wisdom of Kabbalah have their vectors aimed in different directions. Kabbalah always moves forward, religion always returns to the past. There is no common ground between them. How is it possible to find a point of contact?

Answer: It is not necessary to search for one. People will remain in their religions! We don’t bother them about that. Some pray toward the east, others toward the west; this one bows to a stone, that one to a cross, it does not matter. There are close to 2,800 different faiths in the world; it makes no difference.

Kabbalah calls upon people to rise above all religions and cultures to create a single united human society.

Question: From a practical point of view, doesn’t it seem that people who believe are in a state of complete absence of freewill and that every religion divides into “us” and “them.”

Answer: Religion is just like in a family, every culture, and every profession. Anything can separate people.

But it is possible to successfully transcend religious differences. They don’t need to separate us. The time of religious wars has passed. It is not a problem if I believe in one thing and you believe in something else.

Everyone understands that for the world not to explode, we must establish the right mutual connections between us. What relevance is there between this and religion? You live here, I live here, we must reach an agreement like neighbors. If we are hostile toward each other, what is the benefit?
From the Webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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