New Life #392 – The Good Force And The Evil Force

New Life #392 – The Good Force And The Evil Force
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Question: All the religions present the world as being dominated by two forces: the force of good and the force of evil. That is how it feels to the common man. It seems to him that good and evil forces are at work on him. What is the good force that does everything good and what is the evil force that brings all the troubles?

Many dream of there being only one force in the world, the force of good, and generally don’t understand why the evil force exists. This split, the constant struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness, between destruction and construction, accompanies us all through life. Why is there a conflict between these two forces?

Answer: There is no conflict. We just think that good and evil forces exist, but there are no evil and good forces in nature. It is true that there are opposing forces: plus and minus, attraction and repulsion, light and darkness.

Without the two opposing forces, life could not exist, there would be no metabolism within the living body, there would be no connection between fundamental particles or between bodies in space, which connect them into a single whole.

Life is always based on the clash between forces and flows according to the “middle line” that connects them. Two opposing forces operate, and from the balance between them the next phase of a new life is born.

In other words, the opposing forces that exist within matter and create a particular harmony between them. So from the electrons and positrons, from the opposing forces that exist within the atom, whole atoms are built that become connected together into molecules through attraction. And within the molecules, the opposing forces can even determine what is good and what is harmful to the connection between them. So they attract, take in and absorb the materials that are beneficial to them and emit the harmful materials. That is how metabolism happens, life and evolution begin.

All of this happens through the correct integration between the two opposing forces. Without this, there is no development and no life. And without this, our universe could not evolve on the inanimate level and especially not on the vegetative level. In plants, there is a more complex integration of the opposing forces and on the animate level it is an even more complex integration.

A complex scrutiny of the definition of good and evil on all levels happens in the human brain and perception. Our intellect is based on a constant scrutiny of the struggle between the opposing forces and on the search for a form of connection that can bring maximal benefit.

It is not possible to use one force without the second force; it is possible only in the integration between them. That is how life is constructed. On the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, this system works and develops excellently.

If sometimes we see natural disasters, this is only because we measure them with respect to us. However, in fact, the entire universe, the world, the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature advance under the influence of the positive and negative forces that operate between them and promote their evolution.

All is good until we reach the humans. The two forces of good and evil, as we call them, are operable even on humanity. If we were to become aware of the program of nature and would protect the balance between the positive and negative forces, we would live in peace and quiet.

The problem is humanity has freedom of choice. They choose the balance between the positive and negative forces themselves, according to their desire. Here the origin of our ruined nature is revealed; it is because we make decisions more in favor of what is pleasant and comfortable for us instead of making the right decision.

We are more interested in what is profitable than in truth. So we begin to pave a curved path that doesn’t pass through the middle between the negative and positive force that should be equal in the correct integration between them to promote evolution. Instead, we constantly tend in the direction of what is comfortable to us at the expense of others.

After all, all of us are a part of integral nature and we need to maintain a general harmony with the world of the still, vegetative, and animate, evolving along with nature in the same direction. If, together with freedom of choice, we were to protect the balance between the two forces, the harmony between them, we would evolve correctly.

We would not allow ourselves to use the forces of nature more than we need for living in harmony between us and with the environment. Our lives would become easier and peaceful. We would get what is imperative for our existence from nature, and we would use the rest of the power for our internal development.

All of the problems of humanity started because we began to produce more than what is required for life. This is the critical point from which humanity began to self-destruct. From then, we departed from the balance of forces and began to turn them according to the desire of our ego.

This is the general picture: there is a positive force, a negative force, and we, humans, together with our egoism, are found between them. If we were to use these two forces to balance our lives and the ego that erupts in us, we would utilize them only for our internal spiritual growth; we would then rise to the next level, called the speaking level.

Our material lives, meaning life within our bodies on the animate level, with all that is required for our existence, food and family, would remain below, in a balanced form, in the state in which they need to be. And we would use our egoism to bring the two opposing forces into a balance between and to rise to a spiritual level, to spiritual life.
From KabTV’s “New Life #392 – The Good Force And The Evil Force,” 6/3/14

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