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The Book of Zohar, Shemot: “At the end of days, many wicked Jews will fight against #Jerusalem together with other nations.”

An example of reckless liberalism: Merkel stated the EU wasn’t ready to receive immigrants or unify finances. Where were you, Madam?

Baal HaSulam (Kabbalist): Any democratic or socialist society left without religion and morality will surely give rise to Nazism.

Trump’s general direction is toward the correction of the world. The Obama doctrine built its power on the destruction of the world. Think

Introduction to TES, 155: Kabbalists recommend this book for everyone since it draws the light that reveals the upper world to the reader.

For 70 years we lived in the present- now we turn to the future. That’s how the ego develops. Trump & the refugees invoked this within us.

The Prophets: The Arabs will rule over the empty Holy Land for many years and will prevent the Jews from returning to their Land.

The wars will start from the North. All nations will unite to erase Israel. This distress is also Israel’s redemption ;Zohar, Bereshit 199

Arabs will forge wars in the world, the Christians will conquer them, but the Holy Land will not pass into their hands (Zohar, Vaera, 32)

The Jews established their own state & the nations are forming an alliance to destroy it, but this is its redemption (Zohar, Bereshit 119)

If you find yourself asking “What’s the meaning of life? Full of suffering and ends with death?” The answer is in Kabbalah.

Interesting to observe: the media whimsically disagrees with the laws of nature, wanting everything to happen the way they see fit…

My articles generate more and more feedback – some of it negative. Pls note: All I present is Kabbalah’s perspective – the laws of #nature.

Without Kabbalistic education towards love of friends & the world, growing egoism in the group leads to global hatred and Nazism.

Undoubtedly, without education towards unity, the natural development of egoism will increase hatred and alienation in the EU.

Nature is changing the world through Trump. Nature’s plan will be realized in any case. If not through Trump then by world war.

Suffering will teach us that only the correction of our ego will change the world. Kabbalah proposes to implement this, but people resist.

Masochism in liberalism: to protect those who consistently aim to destroy the European civilization along with the liberals themselves.

Kabbalah is the method for revealing the upper world and the Creator while living in this world, regardless of gender, age, or origin.

The Trump-Netanyahu Meeting and the Chance for Peace


From Twitter, 2/19/17

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