At A Challenging Moment

laitman_562_02Question: There are now more than 3,000 different spiritual faiths and practices in the world. When a person has a problem, he automatically turns to some force with an internal scream. To whom or what is a person turning to at such a moment?

Answer: If you want to turn correctly, you must only turn to the Creator for help in connecting with others and discovering Him. This means that in the wisdom of Kabbalah we are asking the Creator to change us. Generally, all people ask the Creator to remove the disturbances that are in their way, meaning to change the world “according to a person’s desire.”

Such a “consumer” attitude toward the Creator like this will begin to change when very strong feelings appear in the person that everything that is happening in the world is a result of his attitude toward the Creator.

If we are talking about a Kabbalist, then everything depends on the level he is on. Likewise, a Kabbalist passes through states that bring him below a regular person. When he is in descent, he is able to ask for himself and to carry out deeds that are difficult to define in advance.

But this happens only during a descent. When he is active, when he has power, clearly he always asks for help in changing himself because he understands how the system operates.

A Kabbalist understands that blows are goodness and kindness; they are help and concern from the Creator, because precisely thanks to these blows, he can connect with the Creator above them.

The problem is that the blows don’t happen only to him but to all those who are close to him until the completion of correction. But in the beginning of the correction, everyone is vulnerable to the Creator!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/25/16

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