Moving To A Spiritual Nature

laitman_214Question: It is very difficult to move to a spiritual nature of bestowal and love of others. Do you believe that the whole world can do this?

Answer: I by no means am a utopian; I am a realist. Only special people with a special predisposition for a spiritual transformation can attain the characteristic of bestowal and love of others. They are called Kabbalists.

There may only be a few dozen of them in the world, no more. But they can lead all of humanity after them because otherwise it will not be possible for us to continue existing on the face of the Earth. The prophecy that everyone will follow “Israel” will come true, meaning that they will follow those who yearn for and aim toward the Creator, the characteristics of bestowal and love.

Therefore, a group of ten Kabbalists on the planet suffices to lead everyone to the goal of creation.

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