Why Goodness And Justice Are Silent

laitman_263Question: Can you explain why goodness and justice are silent while evil and falsehood always stand up for themselves and seem to be victorious?

Answer: Goodness and justice don’t exist. They are the flip side of egoism. Altruism comes to us only under the influence of the Upper Light, not in any other way.


What basis does someone have to claim his opinion is right? Is the approach altruistic?  We all know “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

People are confident in their infallibility and are ready to go on the offense for the sake of their self-righteousness.

Egoism often moves people to revolution, but a revolution devours its children. Except for individual Kabbalists, humanity doesn’t use the altruistic force that Kabbalists receive from the Upper Light, the upper force.

Question: On the plane of our world, is there no truth in the relations between us?

Answer: Truth is not in the hands of anyone.

We must try to achieve a state in which we can explain clearly and understandably to people that we have a method that will be able to influence human society and bring it into balance. This is the main thing. It doesn’t annihilate the opponent because there is no opponent, rather there is simply an imbalance of forces. These forces must be balanced so that they will work with each other reciprocally, exactly as happens in nature.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/2/16

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