America: The Change Of Presidents

laitman_426Question: On the first day of Hanukkah, Barak Obama pulled a nasty trick on Israel by allowing the UN to accept a resolution against the Israeli settlements. How do we cope with this situation? What will happen now when a new administration replaces Obama who spread chaos in the world?

Answer: We must wait a little. About six months after Obama leaves the office, the outcomes of his eight-year reign will be summed up, and we will be able to reach more accurate conclusions.

Question: Will the Israeli government be able to cope with the current situation? There were rumors that before the UN Security Council meeting Prime Minister Netanyahu had a conflict with Obama.

Answer: This is totally irrelevant. Barak Hussein Obama is an avid supporter of Islam. His mission is to spread Islam all over the world. This is the reason he did everything to allow millions of Muslims to enter the US during his presidency. In addition, he sowed chaos where on the basis of such chaos, Islamists could rise to power and destroy everything.

Question: What can you say about the new administration?

Answer: I don’t know what President Trump will do, but I think that as a businessman and the boss, he will be able to impose order. On the other hand, he should realize that the world today is not based on egoism and money.

Question: If capitalism, as a system, has exhausted itself, how will Trump impose order if he is a capitalist?

Answer: Obama doubled the US debt, unemployment rates soared during his administration, his recovery plan actually got stuck on the way, and what did he do with the world? He ruined countries in the belt from Morocco to Pakistan. After all, small countries are always dominated by big countries. Trump can, at least ideologically, choose a different approach.
From the webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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