Write The Torah On Your Heart

laitman_547_02Torah, Deuteronomy 10:01: At that time, the Lord said to me, “Hew for yourself two stone tablets like the first ones and come up to Me onto the mountain, and make for yourself a wooden ark.

A person’s egoistic heart that must be corrected is called a stony heart. Therefore, the entire Torah, the essence of which is in ten sayings, in ten main commandments, must be carved onto the heart.

It is necessary to carve out of the heart, i.e., of our desires, the only place (nothing else should remain of it) to write on it the ten commandments that we must perform each day and night to reach their full implementation during our entire life, at the same time, rising to the mountain.

The mountain is called Mount Sinai, the mountain of hatred. Rising to the Creator and descending from Him, a person suddenly discovers that all the people (his desires) are engaged in debauchery, confusion, and desire to fully delight themselves with food, sex, knowledge, fame, power, and everything that their stony evil heart can imagine. However, nevertheless, he must bear these tablets.

Therefore, Moses carved them and made an additional special packaging for them in order to guard his corrected desires that were once carved on the tablets; they assumed the form of letters. Allegorically, it is said that when he was carrying the tablets, these letters were shining.

But everything Moses achieved, he did for himself, and this is not enough. So when he came down, he discovered that the people had become corrupted and his tablets were worthless! Therefore he destroyed them.

This shattering mixed all of his upper thoughts and ideas with the lower ones. So when he climbed the mountain for the second time with the new tablets, they were much more valuable than the previous ones, not due to their height and detachment from everything material, but because they included themselves in all the sinister earthly desires of the people connected with the desire to go back to the golden calf, to Egypt, “Give us what we had in Egypt.” This is why the second tablets were much more valuable.

As a rule, a Kabbalist must pull himself up to the lowest level; there is no other way. Only from the shattering is it possible to go up! The same thing happened to Adam. The same thing happened to us: the construction of the First and Second Temples, their complete destruction, exit into the exile, and beginning of the current recovery. After all, today we are mixed with all of humanity and therefore our recovery will be universal, correct, and final. This is how it happens.

So Moses, in such a condition, breaking the tablets and ascending the mountain again shows this was planned in advance; it can’t be any other way!

And the instruction to carve himself two stony tablets means to prepare the heart to rise. It is said, “Write the Torah on your heart” (on your desires) because it is necessary to give the desires a certain shape. And this, actually, is a heart.
From KabTV Program “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/16/16

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  1. Dear Ray!

    What are the deeper meaning about ten commandments (Step by Step)?
    I Love these stories what is written in The Holy Bible. My desire is to try understand those spiritual meaning and the reason why MOSES wrote his five books? Is there different texts between TORAH and Christian Bible?

    Happy Days and GOD Blessings to YOU and Your nearest one!

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