When There Is No Education

laitman_547_05Question: I have been a teacher for 30 years and it is very difficult for me to find a common language with students who can respond with what they want. In addition, there is a significant decline in advancement, culture, and responsibility among the youth. Does the wisdom of Kabbalah offer some fundamental solution for this?

Answer: I understand what people are looking for, especially teachers who work with pupils or students.

The problem is in the educational method and pedagogy because education is not being pursued. And it is reasonable to presume that you aren’t either. You teach a particular subject.  What kind of people are studying it and why do they need to treat it properly? Why do they have to be polite, and not respond with conventional crude slang?

They are talking to you just the way they talk to each other, and they suppose that this is normal. They are not offended by each other because this style of speech is the normal for them. So why should they talk to you differently?

There is no education and schools do not educate children.

For at least two hours per day in kindergartens and schools human nature should be explained to children: its character, the psychology of boys and girls, teenagers, men and women, relationships between the sexes, and relationships between youths and adults.

But everything should be explained from the point of view of nature, how it is organized, how it operates among people, and how we must change all of our negative impulses that have been given to us to be corrected.

We should sit children in a circle and discuss all these issues with them. Then the educational system will become an educational system. Unfortunately, for the meantime, it doesn’t exist, so every year disturbances will continue to increase in schools and other educational institutions.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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