New Life 490 – The People Of The Book, Part 1

New Life 490 – The People Of The Book, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

In our world, I have to prepare myself to read each book. If it is an English novel, I need to know English; if it is an architecture guide, I must be familiar with architecture; if it is a report on chemical experiments, I must be familiar with chemistry.

There must always be the basis of preparation that is transmitted separately from generation to generation.

So it is for spiritual attainment. The Oral Torah accompanies the written Torah. The word “Torah” is derived from the word “Ohr” (Light). Therefore, the Oral Torah precedes and is a preparation for reading the book; it accompanies this book and is transmitted by “word of mouth” from generation to generation, from Kabbalist to Kabbalist, in a chain of those who are able to open the book.

If I really want to find out and know what it is talking about, if I want to uncover the world in detail and understand through it who is showing me this “film,” if I am ready to be changed to become like Him, to delve into the matter of the essence of the “pictures” being broadcast, then I must search for people who have a mastery of the Oral Torah.

A Performance with a Surprise

Question: What does it mean to be similar to that force that is showing this “film”?

Answer: This is talking about equivalence of form, equivalence of characteristics.

For example, if I am far from being interested in the theater, when I go to some performance, I cannot connect to it immediately. But then they whisper to me that the playwright has a special cast, the lead actors are real characters who are truly experiencing these dramas….

At first I didn’t know and didn’t understand anything, I was not ready. But now, when I know the background, the substrate, with this I penetrated a bit more deeply. I created new characteristics and feelings within me, I could identify with the protagonists, come in contact with them as if I am standing in their place myself and even going through the situations they are experiencing. I acquired the same characteristics, and thanks to that, the performance appears before me in a completely new light. We don’t understand this world otherwise.
From KabTV’s “New Life 490 – The People Of The Book, Part 1,” 4/1/15

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