For Rabash’s Memorial Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag (RABASH) was the closest to us link in the chain of the great Kabbalists, through which the upper force reveals itself to the world and passes the Torah to us. He is our upper degree and the only spiritual Partzuf on which we depend, and therefore our study is mainly based on his articles. Rabash did everything to prepare the foundation for the future generation that will come.  

Although it wasn’t simple, he found strength to fully annul himself before his great father and teacher Baal HaSulam, without making any calculations for himself. Thanks to this he attained all the spiritual degrees. We are yet to see from his works how high he had climbed. His works are written in a very warm style, with the great care about the reader, a student.

He had a very wide, warm heart full of love. However, if we were able to comprehend the depth of his works, we would see that he was at the state of GAR of the world of Atzilut and even higher, which is hard to imagine.

Rabash paved the way for us by writing articles and setting customs that we try to keep. He gave us the form in which the Kabbalistic group should exist, and we continue this way.

Baal HaSulam was like the ARI, creating a methodology for spiritual ascent, and Rabash brought it to the practical implementation, and in this he was like the Baal Shem Tov. I have never seen such a detailed description of the order of spiritual work in any other Kabbalistic writing: how a person should organize himself in his immediate environment, in the wider one, in the system of the worlds, and in the relationship with the Creator.

All these systems that a person has to go through in order to reach adhesion with the upper force are explained in such a systematic form only in the articles of Rabash, and nowhere else. A person can take these articles and follow them because they will build the right attitude and concepts in him.

There are no other books like these. We don’t just receive commentary in the articles of Rabash, but precise instructions for what we have to do, what reaction to expect, and how to advance further. He explains to us the entire process we need to complete, the reaction we receive to it, and the internal states that our soul goes through.

I have read these articles many times, and of course I will continue reading them, and I can attest that they are concealed and not revealed. After a few years of study you will start to reveal an immense depth in them. You will suddenly see that Rabash writes about things you haven’t noticed, understood, and felt previously. These articles aren’t simple, but are very multilayered, and they become revealed in accordance to the reader’s readiness. They provide such support and assistance to the beginners on the spiritual path that we can’t receive even from the works of Baal HaSulam.

Baal HaSulam is a Kabbalist of great height, scientist, and researcher, and Rabash is a spiritual mentor, soft and loving, who takes your hand and leads you through all the states. Only when we grow spiritually will we be able to fully appreciate his significance.
From the lesson “For Rabash’s Memorial Day” 10/6/2016

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