“Able-Bodied Workers Are Less Likely To Work”

laitman_926_02In The News (Russian Bazaar): “One of every three and a half Americans at an age when they are capable of work who were born in the territory of the United States are living at the expense of relatives and from government assistance grants. This shocking conclusion was made by analysts of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) on the basis of new statistics by the Census Bureau (Census Bureau) and the Department of Labor (DOL).

“The increase in the number of unemployed Americans – one more consequence of the disappearing middle class, which during the reign of Barak Obama fell to a record 47% – 49%.

“Unemployed citizens were more likely to admit that the being poor today can be more profitable than the working taxpayer. …

“ If even a decade ago to be a representative of the middle class was prestigious, but now the poor are much more than the middle class.

“The conscious transition to the ranks of the poor is observed throughout America”.

My Comment: The world is advancing toward the end of its egoistic development and toward passage to the level of integral development, the development of an internal connection between individual people to the full feeling of all of us as one whole.

The need for superfluous work is disappearing. We will manufacture only what is imperative for our existence. We will invest all of our time and energy in the creation of integral connections among us from a desire and yearning (Achishena – I will hasten it) or from compulsion through suffering (Beito – in its time).

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  1. Unfortunately it certainly appears that “Beito” and not ” Achishena” has the upper hand at the moment…as has been the case through most of human history. One has to wonder what it would take for our species, as a whole, to actually embrace this philosophy or method of connection….we seem to quickly forget the suffering of the past.

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