A Kabbalist’s Strength Is His Weakness

laitman_624_02_0Question: Does a Kabbalist have to be courageous?

Answer: Not at all!

The wisdom of Kabbalah is for weak people, because they reach the goal much faster by realizing they are actually a “rag.” And thus, they will turn more quickly to the Creator.

A person who comes in and says: “Where is the Creator? What wall do I have to break through in order to reach Him?!” has to be beaten many times before so he can be turned into a rag.

After all, a person does not have the strength to enter the upper world. He has to reach the state where he only asks for the strength to reach the level of the next world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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  1. Because there are strong people somewhere on this planet? Where are they? Can I meet one? Why is it that their achievements are ignored or cant be seen ?
    I’d like Just to know the name of one to be sure such people would exist?

    But “rags” yes, sure, I can see plenty, everywhere. Could it be that some of these “strong” people would be “rag” in disguise?

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