New Life 741 – A True Blessing

New Life 741 – A True Blessing
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Jewish customs stem from Kabbalists who discovered the system of leadership through which the Creator, the upper force, operates us. The blessings mean that I have revealed the upper force as good and benevolent, and therefore I bless it.

The Creator created an evil inclination in us, the ego, and He “created a Torah spice for it,” a positive force that can balance the ego. We have to reach a state in which we say the blessings not simply as words from our mouth but in thought and desire. This happens as a result of the correction of the ego.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that it is possible to correct the ego through a special connection of mutual guarantee between people. Thus from the love of the created beings we come to the love of the Creator. The effort to connect summons a positive force upon us that balances the ego. Blessings between a person and his friend are meant to be the outcome of our request, asking the Creator for the power to love others. The Creator wants everyone to reach His level, and so a person’s true healing can be only as a result of correcting himself.

In spirituality a person discovers that he is a small world, which means that everything is inside him. Thus when he corrects himself, he corrects the world, and when he sees that someone suffers, he understands that he has to correct himself. Turning to the Creator is a request for the power to see reality correctly. “There is none else besides Him, the good and the benevolent.” At first there is nothing in us but the evil inclination. All the good that we seemingly do stems from our egoism. When we bless, we bless the appearance of the good force that we have been rewarded to actually reveal.

All of reality exists between two forces: the force of receiving and the force of giving, which we have to acquire. We have to ascend to a state in which we will feel the others just as we feel ourselves; the bodies will not separate us. The blessings people bless one another with symbolize the level we have to reach with the help of our efforts to connect. Eventually a person discovers that there are no other people before him but the Creator, which means that only he and the Creator exist in reality.
From KabTV’s “New Life 741 – A True Blessing,” 7/5/16

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