New Life #327 – Violence In Society, Part 2

New Life #327 – Violence In Society, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


Why is the tendency toward violence increasing in society in spite of the education that is given in schools, and how is it possible to treat the root of the phenomenon and lead a person to feel love toward others?

From generation to generation egoism evolves and aggressiveness increases. A person doesn’t understand why others exist at all. If I don’t receive satisfaction somewhere, I cannot wait and violence erupts. If once there was shame in being violent and powerful, today this is a norm; there is no shame about anything. A person cannot hear criticism, doesn’t agree with it, and immediately erupts with violence.

We don’t know how to build a proper system of relationships with the environment so that we enjoy each interacting.

Violence is a result of the lack of social education; it should begin from infancy and continue throughout life. Today, education is not carrying out a treatment of the root of the human ego. Instead it just tries to limit outbreaks. Adults require children to behave nicely, but behave violently themselves.

We need to do some soul-searching. Our society is sick, dominated by interests that don’t want correction. The internal cancer that is eating us is human egoism. We need to discover it and begin treatment.

Internal change comes from the study of human nature and developing the ability to use the ego correctly in relationships with others. Society will improve only when the individuals that compose it, the people, will change for the better.

The study is carried out in a circle, in a group, through building a good environment and correct communication between people.

Today someone with violent behavior is blamed, but the truth is that those who educated him should be blamed.

Correction is not through overcoming the violent impulses that are in me, but to reach a state where they are not aroused. It is not fear of punishment that is required to suppress violence; rather, it is the development of an attitude of love for others.

The correction of our situation depends on using the wisdom of connection that is being revealed today to move us forward.
From KabTV’s “New Life #327 – Violence In Society, Part 2,” 3/25/14

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