Why The Jews Are Not Left Alone

Laitman_043Question: When we didn’t have a nation and we were weak, they tried to annihilate us. Now, we have a strong nation, and they never leave us alone. Why?

Answer: We won’t be left alone as long as we haven’t we carried out our mission in relation to the world. This was said at the time of our formation.

Many years ago in ancient Babylon, Abraham gathered a group of people who wanted to rise above their egoistic nature, which led to disintegration of Babylon, resistance, and the confusion of languages.

Abraham united them around a simple idea. All of us are egoists and reject each other. But contrary to the ego, inherent in nature lies the force that can be extracted from it that can counterbalance our egoism. Then balance will appear between egoism and altruism, between hatred and love, as it is written, “Love covers all transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12). This is what we must achieve.

With our foundation from Abraham, we lived in this state for 1,500 years until the destruction of the Second Temple, which happened 2,000 years ago. From then on, we were in exile from the state of unity, friendship, love, and mutual assistance.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, we fell from the level of love to the level of unfounded hatred toward each other, and we have been on that level to this very day.

While in this state, we cannot give the method of unification to humanity, which is so needed in our integral world that has become like a “small village.” So, we—the bearers of this method—are hated by the world. The peoples of the world instinctively feel that we are to blame for all of their suffering. They turn toward us with this hatred.

We must understand our mission: to return from spiritual exile, begin to unite, and transform into being one man with one heart, being responsible for each other. Then, we will show the world the example that they are waiting for! Only then will they be able to begin to unite behind us, and the world will come to calm.

This is the meaning of our existence. And the meaning of anti-Semitism is that it obligates us to carry out our work! Until we do that, anti-Semitism in the world will only increase.
From the Webinar 5/8/16

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  1. The reality is very sad because in western civilation nobody speaks or know something about Israel.

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