The Jews’ Response To The Terrorist Attack In Nice

laitman_547_06Comment: If you look online, you can find quite a few responses from Israelis about the terrorist attack in Nice, such as, “Now you can feel what we feel,” or “Now you see what happens to us in Israel.” Generally speaking it is impossible to change Israeli Jews.

Answer: It is indeed impossible to change Israeli Jews but they are right in a way because it is very unpleasant to live in Israel, to fight, to suffer, to realize that you are being pressured on all sides, and to see the indifference and even the arrogance of your own people in France, America, and in other countries. If the Jews are sent to the gas chambers, everyone will be sent there, including the anti-Semitic Jews.

Everywhere they live they adopt attitudes that are radically opposite to Israel so they won’t be associated with the Jewish state.

Comment: It is surprising since, in fact, the safest place for them to be is Israel.

Answer: They don’t think so. They look at the map and for them Israel is a tiny piece of land. “Where could we find a place to live there? We will be torn to pieces there.” They estimate everything according to kilograms and kilometers.

Question: What kind of blows will hit the French people and the French Jews?!

Answer: We have already seen that blows don’t help. Even before entering the gas chambers they would still express their opinions because their egoism is spiritual and no corporeal afflictions will correct it. The only thing that can bring about a change is the influence of the Upper Light, by gradually teaching them the wisdom of Kabbalah by social circles, drawings, and articles.

Question: Will that help them more than afflictions?

Answer: Yes. The sufferings will increase their resistance and their oppositeness because their arrogance, boastfulness, and foolish pride puts them in a more rigid position.

I am not deluding myself that the terrorist acts will force them to wake up. What would a series of revolutions and terrorist attacks lead to? Nothing, they will not learn anything. Only the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah can change people. Let’s hope that we will succeed.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/17/16

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  1. The Israeli Jews who are saying “Now you can feel what we feel,” or “Now you see what happens to us in Israel” can they feel what the Palestinians in Gaza feel ? Do they even ‘see’ what happens to them ? I do not consider myself to be an antisemitic Jew but I am by no means a zionist nor do I condone zionism or any other form of patriotism or nationalism. If we want to come together as a species, as humans, we must stop separating ourselfs through borders, national identities and ideologies.

    It might be up to the kabbalists to bring about this change, even though I doubt that they are the only ones who can or should do it. As for the average Jews, I don’t think that they are different from other people. They are just as confused as the rest. Therefore I do not believe that all the burden of awakening and getting closer to nature and its laws is all and alone on us, the Jews. This idea is only building another separation. Give other cultures and etnicities a little more credit. They might have they own equivalent of kabbalists. We must all come together, not apart.

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