Are The Refugees Beneficial?

Laitman_419Comment: According to studies, the Americans have reached the conclusion that the refugees were not a yoke on the neck of the nation that gave them shelter. On the contrary, the monetary help that is given to them will provide a strong impetus to the economy.

However tests were conducted in the camps of refugees from Africa. Assistance was given there in the form of food products. The refugees sold them and that money was invested in the economy of the country.

Answer: In any case, this will not lead to a solution because the refugees must be absorbed and they must adjust to a different life in those nations.

First and foremost, absorption and adaptation must be cultural. This cannot be implemented because according to their religion, according to their infrastructure, according to their intentions and plans, the refugees are completely hostile to the nations that receive them. The refugees are clinging to a precise plan for conquering these nations, to control them and convert them into a caliphate. Therefore all of the talk about their apparent contribution to the prosperity of the economy are just empty words. The Americans are carrying out and activating their policies to soften public opinion at least a little.

The refugees have not brought economic revival or restoration to any nation. They don’t want to work, they don’t want to learn, and they don’t want to be like all the rest of the citizens. And the fact that massive monetary circulation is passing through them whereby the nation gives them money and they return it to the nation through shops could also be done through the citizens of those nations.

Question: Does it follow that they must arrange for the cultural inclusion and education of the refugees because it is no longer possible to prevent the flow of their migration?

Answer: Unfortunately, Europe is “lying down” under them. They are like parasitic bacteria in a good and nourishing environment. This is precisely what is happening today in the continent of Europe.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/21/16

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  1. We have a concept deeply rooted in Islam, that everything begins with an intention… In the case of Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe, the vast majority are trying to escape a fake caliphate and oppressive tyranny, seeking sanctuary in Europe’s free and open societies.

    Far from attempting to turn Europe into a caliphate, most of Syrians I’ve got to know, and indeed Iraqis and Afghans who preceded them, want nothing of the sort! For the average Muslim doesn’t desire to live in a religious theocracy. Sure, many will pray Friday prayers, mark Ramadan with fasts, celebrate the Eids and eat Halal (and Kosher) food; but that is about all that differentiates the average Muslim from their follow citizens of other beliefs. Ultimately, people aren’t that different.

    The people who want to overturn Europe’s democracies and establish a caliphate are often not refugees, but people born here, deluded into recreating a false utopian fantasy that has never existed. While certainly of concern, they are a minority of extremists and do not represent the vast majority of Muslims, either here or internationally.

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