Ynet: “Disconnect Or Log Off? That Is The Question”

Millions of Britons answered the question of whether the UK should remain part of the EU, or whether it should leave the EU. If I were a Briton, I would choose the second option since, when the ship is sinking, it is better to leave it as soon as possible.

Last week, Jo Cox, a British member of parliament, was murdered in Britain, her only sin being her support of Britain’s remaining in the EU. Her shocking murder and the economic implications of this move have brought the issue to the center of world media attention.

The world leaders, economists, and leading commentators are very worried about this decision and warn that the Brexit may have serious political implications. Britain may be isolated and its world status may seriously weaken, and this may be a blow to the world economy. At the moment, opinions in Britain differ.

In order to understand the debate, it is important to recognize the perception and the psychology that captures most British people. The British have a special character that is different from the other European countries and which makes them less tolerant toward change. Despite the many attempts throughout history to invade and control it, the kingdom remained a strong and independent economic superpower. The English Channel surrounds it like a strong wall and contributes greatly to their feeling of separation. The other members of the EU also feel that Britain is less dependent on them and sometimes even feel that it is a foreign element in Europe.

 Brexit Crime and Punishment

Even if the British do decide to leave, it will not be easy. Although Britain has its own currency, the pound and not the euro, there are agreements, treaties, and different pacts that have an impact on many government plans and national systems. According to experts, the Brexit process may take at least two or three years before endless tight connections are dissolved and no less than a decade before there is a significant Brexit of social connections.

From an economic perspective, there are differences of opinion, but most experts see the Brexit as a unique opportunity for Britain to pull itself out of the European mud before it is too late. The Brexit will enable Britain to strengthen its business sector, lower the cost of living, and avoid the mountain of debts that is threatening to bury Europe. On the other hand, it is expected that Britain will continue to export half of its production. The Europeans need it no less than Britain does. This is also the reason that economists don’t think that Europe will punish Britain and impose taxes on its exports to Europe.

It seems that the distorted connections between the states of the EU prevent them from enjoying the natural benefits that there are in a true qualitative synergy and have turned the EU into an economic and social burden from which it is better to be detached.

The Sinking of the EU

The world also will be better off if Britain leaves the EU. The USA, whose attempts to dominate the world ignited the Arab Spring in 2010 that until today has mainly brought the collapse of many countries in the Arab world, is responsible for the millions of refugees who have immigrated and are living in Europe, and are expected to be a burden on the economy, significantly increasing public expenses for education, welfare, and health, and to weaken the European market. Why is this good for the Americans? US domination of the continent and the world will increase.

Israel may be indirectly affected by that. When the changes in Europe lead to internal disorder, the European countries will be busy dealing with their internal problems, and will no longer initiate and promote regional peace committees whose benefits are questionable.

Even without the American intervention in the process, Britain will remain forever an inseparable part of Europe for better or worse—at the moment, mainly for the worse. Europe is very ill, an old continent that is declining in every aspect of life. The EU market is failing, the economy is collapsing, waves of immigrants are flooding it, radical Islam is growing, the birthrate is low, and unemployment is growing; its afflictions are spreading from Europe to the entire world. Therefore, as long as it is possible to amputate an organ from the continent and heal it separately, it is better to do so. If the British still decide to remain an integral part of the EU, the rate of deterioration in every aspect of life will be very fast. The decay will lead to the quick death of the body.

Re-Route the Computers

In order to maintain a healthy, correct connection between countries and between people in general, we should make sure that it is alive and breathing, and sometimes we must give it a new form of life in order to keep it alive. The EU, which was established as common market, had aspirations for political and military cooperation, and even the building of a common army. It set off in the 90’s with an extensive public relations campaign and was a rosy dream for many of the elimination of borders, building a great economy, and uniting around a common currency. But eventually, the common feeling of prosperity disappeared and was replaced by political struggles.

The European Council, seated in Brussels and empowered to regulate between the different nations, has interpreted trade cooperation. The Portuguese banned fishing, Spaniards and Italians banned selling cheese, Lithuanians banned the production of dairy products, and Greeks olive oil. These measures have weakened nations that already were weak and increased their dependency on the strong nations, who in the meantime, have grown stronger.

The failing EU is like a married couple who have accumulated great wealth through the years and have the same bank account, but keep quarreling all of the time. Every side is imposing the policy that is better for itself, and the other side opposes and uses its sovereign authority to object. After several unsuccessful attempts to restore the relationship, it seems that there is no more room for a partnership. Under these problematic circumstances, it would be better for the couple to get divorced. The question is how to divide their property, which is usually the spark that ignites a world war.

“When the wicked connect, it is bad for them and bad for the world”

A real union is when the desires of the each nation are accepted in every nation as if it were their own desire. On the other hand, if every nation continues to care only about itself, the connection between the nations becomes worse and harms everyone. Only when the entire European continent is united into one desire will there be a true opportunity to consolidate a union such that it can be the basis for a healthy, balanced economic system and can lead to equality in the standard of living. No more strong and weak, abusers and abused. Instead of egoistic competition, a system based on international social justice and strong social unity will be established, and at the same time, each country will be allowed to live according to its specific, unique characteristics.

“…social unity, which can be the source of every joy and success…” (Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom”). The EU can be saved and get on a new track only when every citizen in the EU realizes that unity begins in the corrected relations between people. It isn’t a common currency that will bridge the differences, the huge gaps that have been created throughout history between the Germans, the French, the Italians, or the Greeks, but unity will connect them.

Such a change requires the building of ties of mutual guarantee between countries, taking into account the needs of every country and the entire international system, and is expressed in extensive cooperation, in integration and solidarity between the nations. This change of values is vital both in the relations between the nations and on the level of the individual who can influence his leaders.

Unity Based on Connection, Not on Currency

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of connection. It explores the connections between people and in nature as a whole since the beginning of time. According to this wisdom, we can build relationships of interdependence only if we know the laws of the global human system. All of the systems of our lives are included in this system, including the financial markets.

In the past, we did not need these laws, so the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed and only very few engaged in it. The need for this wisdom and this knowledge became relevant from the moment the world became global and our mutual interdependence was completed. Today, the connection between us is growing stronger, and it is forcing us to learn the laws of the new global, integral world. We have no other choice. Learning the laws according to the method of connection will enable us to establish the right order in human society as a whole.

“The idea of an equal and right distribution is more real, since the earth is rich enough to provide for all of us, so why do we need the tragic war of life that has been destroying our life for ages? Let’s divide the work and its fruits equally between us and the end of all our troubles!” (“The Writings of Baal HaSulam”).

The solution for Britain, for the EU crisis, and for the impending future crises is not the traditional economic and political means, but in creating good, balanced, and corrected connections between us. We must learn to build the right, balanced relations through the wisdom of connection, and thus we will lead a good and peaceful life.
From ynet article 6/21/16

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