The Epoch Of Reverse Discrimination

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Mark Zaltzberg – Professor of Physics, University of Houston, Texas): “We live in the epoch of decency and honesty discrimination – the qualities that were laid in the very foundation of a once great and prosperous country.  

“Modern America has turned into a theater of absurdity: parents are afraid of their children, teachers are scared of their students and their parents, police are alarmed by criminals, Christians are terrified by atheists and Muslims, normal men and women are scared of homosexuals, white people are disturbed by black people, and soldiers and policemen are fearful of shooting the enemy.

“At the same time, blacks and Muslims are not at all afraid of anything; any deviation from the norm is defended by law. Absurdities are innumerable; decent people are afraid to call absurdities by name. Moreover, silly laws are pressed upon us and require us to pretend that we favor this state of affairs.”

My Comment: We have truly entered the age of reverse discrimination and things that previously were considered good are now are considered bad. Thing formerly prohibited have now become essential and permissible. The Torah talks about this situation in harsher terms: “Haters of humans live in their house.”

The Torah also shows a way out of the situation through the implementation of the law of unity and love among people. The upper world is ready to do its job if we submit ourselves to its influence. We must implement the conditions of attaining unity set forth by the Rabash.

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