Connected Desires Are Like Welded Pipes

laitman_528_04Question: What does one need in order to be as closely in an equivalence of form with the teacher as possible?

Answer: Everyone feels this according to the sublteties of his soul. But if we decide to perform some general action, everyone has to participate in them, otherwise a person is neither with the group nor with me and it is as if he is thrown off the boat into the stormy sea, although he may not feel it.

Besides, if I work with someone on a certain project, no matter what one does: one can take care of the electricity, another can prepare excerpts from articles, etc., and there are others who have to see what is required of them. They come to me to clarify what I want exactly and why I think so, an expert may explain to me that it should be done in a different way and then I may change my mind.

But the student has to care that his opinion and my opinion should be one! If he doesn’t agree with me, let him come and convince me. This often happens, I am not so stubborn that I don’t listen to reason. It’s usually about corporeal matters, including dissemination because there can be different local conditions I am not aware of. But the principle is “make your desire his desire,” which means that there should be an agreement between the student and his teacher and the fulfillment of the desire.

Question: How should I know that I have made my desire his desire? Not everyone can come and ask!

Answer: If it is a personal project you may come and ask. If it is a general project in dissemination, I count on the people in charge of this project. I hope that they understand the responsibility they have to guide everyone according to what has been decided. It is as if we all reach one desire, one intention, one direction, and then we go out and disseminate. There you have to make sure that things don’t divert in other directions, and if this suddenly happens you should consult me.

If we don’t hold on to the accurate direction, it is like two connected pipes where one suddenly shifts and then nothing can flow through them. I have to make my desire his desire for the Light to flow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/14, Topic of Lesson “Teacher”

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