The Force Of Egoism And The Force Of Good

laitman_933Question: This life of survival, where one eats the other, apparently pleases us. Is it possible to correct this situation? After all it only continues to become worse all the time.

Answer: The situation is truly becoming worse and worse because we are advancing. All of humanity is developing within its ego that burns more and more in the next moment. So we are locked around the Earth, completely linked with each other, but on the other hand we are divided by our great egoism.

We see how distant we are from each other. People are no longer able to get along and live in the same home. Children run away from home and couples divorce. We are not able  to talk directly with each other anymore, only through the mobile telephone or emails. It is good that we still have these means of communication; otherwise we would not communicate with each other at all.

Kabbalah explains how it is up to us to correct our nature if we want to continue our existence. Otherwise, we will become completely separated. Correction is possible only through the force of the Light that Reforms, the positive force of nature. The problem is that we live in the world and discover only the negative force of egoism. This egoistic force operates everywhere.

Even if I do something good for others, it is only on condition that I will also get some kind of benefit myself. Otherwise I cannot do any good selfless deed . This means that in every case my intention is to profit at the expense of others.

We are able to make any truly good deeds without self-interest. Such a good force without self-interest exists in nature, but it is concealed from us. We need to awaken it, and then we can balance these two forces: the force of egoism and the force of good. The Book of Zohar and the entire Torah speak only about this: how it is up to us to balance our nature and attain harmony. And then between us we reveal the higher power of nature called the Creator.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 3/5/15

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  1. I see this every where but how do we fix this in people. I try to be nice to everyone but at the same time I am trying not to be a door mat. People will take your kindness for weakness and it is very sad . But when I am doing a good deed it is not to gain a reward it is like this when I am doing somthing for the creator it is because I love him not because I’m obligated. The more good I do I hope it make our fellow humans want to do as well.

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