The Chemistry Of Love

laitman_250In the News (from “According to a recent study a person’s emotions are nothing but chemical reactions. The feeling of falling in love is aroused by amphetamines and then the body blocks them and releases endorphins which invoke loyalty and dedication.

“Love is a chemical reaction that lasts between 2-4 years. It isn’t a sublime emotion but merely the result of the breaking down of certain chemicals. It happens in the duration of 2-4 years and then a person’s body blocks this reaction in order to protect itself.

“Falling in love is a result of the secretion of amphetamines in reaction to a certain ‘beloved’ person. They actually create the feeling of euphoria and happiness that lovers feel. These substances include noradrenalin and adrenalin which are natural energizing substances. This is why a person feels that he can move mountains in the name of love. When lovers break up the period of the secretion of amphetamines grows longer, but at the same time when amphetamines break down they release dangerous substances including ammonia.

“These processes have a negative effect on the central nervous system and after 2 to 4 years the body gradually suppresses these reactions in order to protect itself. The amphetamines are replaced by other hormones, endorphins, which are commonly known as the happiness hormone and thus being in love is replaced by dedication.”

My Comment: If we study our emotions more deeply, meaning the reactions of our desires, we will discover that it all results from the influence of the Light on the desire, and the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how we can manage the influence of the Light on the desire.

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