Cognitive Simplicity: Life In Black And White

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “Our life flows and passes losing its shades and becoming black and white, friends and foes, heroes and villains. Psychologists call this perspective cognitive simplicity.

“This phenomenon appears at infancy. We all know that we acquire the complexity of this world with time through our relationships with people.

“It is better for our leaders if people perceive the world as a simple place since it is simply easier to manage them and to control them. Many agree and are willing to accept the rules of this game.

“Simplicity as a form of psychological protection helps them cope with the complexity of the world.  A simple perception of the world allows a person not only to see the goal more clearly but also to attain it.

“Cognitive simplicity is the basis for manipulation that comes down to people’s ability to attain the goals we were given, while convincing others to also want that. These manipulations are based on ideas that have to be subordinately in common with those who resemble them. The manipulations refer to actions against cooperation trust and autonomy.

“It becomes necessary to imagine our states and those of others not only logically but also emotionally. The individual’s awareness has to include the position of those around him. A person’s fate is an attempt to unite and to care about others no less than about himself.”

My Comment: I believe that only an addition to the egoism that manages us on its own, the second force of nature, the positive force of connection and love will make our world and man living in it balanced by the two forces. We will be able to manage ourselves and the world and to build a balanced system of the world. If not, we will fall into increasingly greater egoism that leads us to terrible sufferings, and eventually after world wars and annihilations we will still acknowledge the need to complement ourselves with the positive force of life and to build humanity as a balanced system. The positive force of connection can only be discovered in the process of workshops and discussion circles that are based on the wisdom of Kabbalah and the wisdom of connection.

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