The Priest’s Gene

Laitman_167The Torah, “Leviticus,” 22:12: “And if a Cohen’s daughter is married to a non-Cohen, she may [no longer] eat of the separated holy things.”

Sons and daughters of the Cohen (priest) is the level that follows him and should connect with the other levels in a very accurate manner according to the hierarchy.

On the whole, a daughter of the Cohen (priest) is married to a son of a Cohen (priest) and thus this balance is kept. But if it is disrupted, she draws away and is separated from her parents’ home since now she is totally under her husband’s domination. Even if she was connected to her father before, she now breaks away from her father and is connected through another male part.

Question: Does the generation of priests (Cohens) continue this way in the corporeal world too?

Answer: Geneticists who study this issue arrived at amazing results: starting from Aaron, which means from the time of Egypt onwards, they observed a very interesting genetic chain. They observed the same genetic sequence in a closed circle of people during 3,000 years. It turns out that you can study a person who is 3,000 years old and he is right before you like a living person. This doesn’t exist in any of the nations of the world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/28/14

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