The Daughter Of The Priest

laitman_276_02The Torah, “Leviticus” 21:09: If a Cohen’s daughter becomes desecrated through adultery she desecrates her father; she shall be burned in fire.

“The Daughter Of The Priest” is the desire to receive, which comes from the highest degree. If it directed at for the sake of one’s own fulfillment (meaning “to dishonor herself”), then it must be destroyed, “burnt in the fire.”

Because the level of the desire “the priest’s daughter” can be cleansed not by stoning, not by killing or censure, but only by burning the intention of “for one’s own sake.” The desires themselves are not lost and do not change, only intentions change.

“Shall be burnt with fire” means that the court that changes the intention to be at the highest level, at the level of fire.

All the concepts mentioned above shouldn’t be grasped in human forms since even our world is portrayed for us like a picture on a computer screen that actually doesn’t exist: it is represented by electric charges on a fluorescent screen. And all the names of the alleged objects and phenomena are just a legend that arise in our minds that transform the electrical signals.

It is not until a person attains spirituality that he will understand what the Torah speaks about. We see and feel everything from within ourselves. There is nothing outside of us! The entire world is within me. So we are working on ourselves, imagining everything spoken about is within us. It is specifically in this way that we can begin to feel what is spoken about in the Torah and can grasp it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/21/14

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