The Dependable Weapon Of Goodness

laitman_938_03Question: How can we explain to the public that we can feel the force that gives us the feeling of the meaning of life in the connection between us?

Answer: We feel the meaning of life in the connection between us where the upper force of nature is revealed. All of nature is bestowal and therefore this force of bestowal created all of creation.

Only the one force of bestowal operates in the universe since the Big Bang until our very day, and we are its outcome. If we learn to get along with this force, we will live a good life.

It is because we see that life is dedicated to reviving matter. If we knew how to adhere to this force, we would actually become eternal. We wouldn’t simply prolong our life as medicine allows us to do these days to live until the age of 200 since this is meaningless.

We can attain eternal existence on condition that we get closer to this force of bestowal. This is possible only according to physical laws on condition that we resemble it and become equal to it.

There is only one means we can use in order to resemble it, which is in contrast to our nature: to start uniting and connecting. This is the reason for the current crisis that forces us to unite. But we can prevent the blow by advancing and reaching unity without waiting for the evil force to come near us.

The same wonderful, pleasant warmth that we feel when we connect during the workshop isn’t just pleasant but actually has great power that can heal many problems in our life. We can feel this warmth everywhere: in our relationships with others, in stores, at work, in the family, in communicating with children.

We can bring this warmth into classrooms in schools where our children study, we can bring it to work, to the street, to the government, and to the whole world in order to direct it towards us in a friendly manner. We can work with this force by using it as a good weapon, as a general medicine, that heals all the illness of the world.

We can promise people that we will demonstrate how the force of connection heals our relationships with children the next time we meet. Anyone who has bad relations with his children will want to improve them. When we leave them we give them Reshimo Hitlabshut (reminiscences), a feeling of warmth, on the one hand, and on the other hand, Reshimo of thickness (Aviut), a bit of hunger and appetite for our next meeting.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/14, Writings of Rabash

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