The Main Thing Is Not To Lose The End Of The Thread

Laitman_524_01Question: We can hold on to the group and the Creator up to a certain level of pain, but what should we do when the pain becomes so strong that you simply feel like a small beaten animal?

Answer: The question is whether this small animal has the end of the thread leading to its owner, which means whether it understands where the pain comes from, whether this animal is part of its herd, in a group, whether the friends remind it of the owner, or whether it is just an ordinary person who suffers.

If we are speaking of ordinary sufferings, then all of humanity has suffered for ages until our sufferings have gradually been focused on the Creator. In the transition from the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature along a path of terrible sufferings, we have evolved until we emerged from the bottom of the ocean and rose to the surface of the earth and have been through the age of the dinosaurs.

The desire to receive has been through all that until it has developed into a state of the basis of its connection with its source. Today we are at the peak of our evolution compared to all the previous levels, but even at our peak we reach contact with the upper force only for short moments and this contact is constantly disrupted.

The question is how can I control this contact so as not to lose touch with the upper force. I want to be in a continuous contact with the source regardless of whether I feel good or bad.

This is the reason that I need a group, an environment, some external pool that I can fill like a storehouse that I can use later. In it I will find the Creator, and the friends will help me and guide me towards the goal, to the Creator.

Without them I don’t know whom to turn to when I feel pain. If I enter the group with my pain, the friends guide me towards the Creator correctly and I begin to grow stronger quickly. Together with them I am ready to perform corporeal actions and to focus myself correctly so that the pain and the problems will disappear.

My problems disappear because I operate a bit of the Light of Hassadim by myself and not because I have been pitied from above and my situation has been changed according to the upper plan of natural evolution. I acted on my own in order to advance and participated in bestowal.

We should learn from every state how worthwhile it is to prepare yourself for it. We are never put in states in which we are doomed to fail. A new, stronger, and deeper negative Reshimo (reminiscence) is revealed each time according to the order of the levels and the relationship between the Light and the vessel under the influence of the Light with which I have to work.

I can only blame myself as to why I haven’t prepared all the means correctly so that the moment a problem arises I can immediately correct it. Ideally this is exactly what should happen.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/14, Writings of Rabash

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