I Am My Own Computer

Laitman_043The Midrash, “Acharei Mot “After the Death Of”: On the night before Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), If the High Priest was a sage, he would expound, and if not, the disciples of the sages would expound before him. If he was familiar with the reading of the Holy Writ, he would read; if not they would read before him. They would read before him from the Books of Job and Ezra, and Chronicles. Zechariah ben Kebutal said: Many times I read before him out of the Book of Daniel. When the High Priest seemed to be about to fall asleep, the young priests would snap their middle fingers before him and say to him: “My lord High Priest, stand up and drive sleep away by walking on the pavement.” They would divert him until the time came for the slaughtering of the daily morning offering. [Mishna Yoma I.1-7]

It is about a person’s personal desires that constantly must be awake since their common attribute, the state of the High Priest (Great Cohen), depends on the right connection between them into one system.

When they attain that, their collective attribute called the High Priest is ready for new action, and a spiritual state called morning appears. We already have spoken about the fact that there is a person’s external state and his internal state (the Holy of Holies), which he builds out of his desires.

This means that all these volumes that are seemingly a person’s inner parts—the person himself, his external attires, his environment—are all of our desires that come together in a certain manner and make up the picture that is described in Midrash Raba: the Temple, the priests (Cohanim) that help the High Priest, the Holy of Holies, the forks and spoons, his clothes, the entrance of the High Priest (Great Cohen) into the Holy of Holies, his work in the Temple and all the rest.

All of this is the collection of a person’s attributes in such a picture.

However, we are not talking about the picture that Kabbalists depict for us but about what we must do internally so that this picture will be created in us. It is like a computer and its screen, for example, on which I see the external picture.

In this case, I am the computer. I must find out which attributes must be in me, which connections, so that I will create inside me a picture like the one on the computer screen. They will be my attributes and not a display of strange attributes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/12/14

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