Unity Cannot Be Held By Inertia

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why did Israel return from unity to the previous division just a few days after the external threat disappeared?

Answer: This happens instantly, no inertia acts here. Unity does not cool down gradually but disappears in an instant. Either we keep our connection, or it collapses.

Question: So, it turns out that we came back from the front and bomb shelters to our homes and schools, but there will be no rest?

Answer: If we do not hold this connection, we will have no rest. On the contrary, an even greater threat will come to push us to unite. A threat on Israel’s northern borders, and special intifada in the territories are beginning to form.

We will not be able to avoid threats if we do not unite. All the problems at the external borders occur only because we fight a mutual war with each other. If we do not want to achieve inner peace, the war will come to us from the outside.

Question: What can we do to avoid the next missile attack?

Answer: For the first time, the nation felt that it lacked unity. We can no longer remain in this state. First, the former president, then other influential people found themselves in prison. This indicates a very serious, continuous, and increasing degradation of society.

But all this happens in order to bring us to the realization of evil. We must understand that if we do not unite, we will continue to deteriorate and fall until we lose everything. We have no right to exist in the land of Israel if we do not achieve unity among the people of Israel.

To be the people of Israel means to be one man with one heart, or at least aspire to this, seeing in it the only form of existence for the whole nation. If we do not see this, then we have no right to be in the land of Israel.

No one in the world wants to recognize this right for us. Year by year, we will feel that we become more distanced from the rest of the world, and more ignored. We will be like Typhoid Mary, whom everyone avoids because she is dangerous to others.

In the end, the whole world will come to us not only with demands, but also with real threats, with weapons in their hands. If the whole of Europe will side with Gaza and begin supplying it with weapons, what can be done about it? We cannot confront the entire world. It is known what happens to a country that does not what to bow to the rest of the world; it becomes completely isolated and declines.

For the time being, the world is not interested in us, as it is busy with problems in Ukraine, Iraq, and the formation of new terrorist groups. But soon it will end, and Israel will once again be the main focus of the entire world. There is no other place, country, or nation that is more hated than Israel. Everyone hates us by common consent. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cause of this hatred and draw conclusions from it.

We will no longer be allowed to live from one military campaign to another, nor pay for the possibility of a break in the fighting for a couple of years with the lives of our soldiers. We must understand why this is happening and show everyone an example by our unity.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/2/14

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