The Fears Of The Modern World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Ilya Pluzhnikov, Associate Professor, faculty of Neuro-psychology and Abnormal Psychology, Moscow State University): “Fear is a product of evolution. All fears are fixed in the course of evolution, considered useful, stay with us.

“Modern Western-European society is a society with a high proportion of emotional distress; it is narcissistic, which implies that everything should be perfect; you have to be the best one, which is virtually impossible and causes anxiety due to a mismatch between a person and the standards.”

My Comment: The environment defines and sets everyone’s life purpose. If we had developed in the jungle, we would have striven to become the best warriors. It is therefore necessary to treat the neuroses and the environment, but not the person.

As soon as society changes the vector of its development and assumes spiritual ideals of equality, fraternity, and mutual support and evaluates a person by his giving to society, everyone will feel as if he is in a good mother’s arms.

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