Give Your All To A Friend

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In what way is the realization of guarantee among the people of Israel different from that among the nations of the world, i.e., the group and 99% of humanity?

Answer: Almost nothing. Certainly, the Light acts differently on each group: the upper (the people of Israel) and the lower (the nations of the world). But the guarantee may be peculiar to the mentality of the other nations, let’s say, Columbia or Malaysia. There is no significance in this.

In every case, you must simply yearn for this state, and the Light will arrange everything. It will cleanse, it will scrutinize, it will accommodate, and it will assemble. You will witness the work called the work of the Creator, and you will see how this will happen.

Question: Must the guarantee be realized among the friends with mutual strength?

Answer: In principle, no. I cannot check the Arvut (guarantee) of my friend. However, I need to enter maximally into this state. The moment we connect with the help of the law called Arvut, immediately we become an integral vessel in which we feel the Creator, in other words, the fulfillment of our desires that are mutually connected and integral.

However, when I try to create a general, integral desire, I must be ready to give everything over to friends. Mutual guarantee, mutual responsibility, I need to give over everything and what the friend does with me and what level he is on, how this seems to me (for in fact I don’t see his inner work), I need to appreciate maximally, for he is with me in a group.

In order to correct my vessel, I must feel his full participation, which depends upon this, how much I imagine that he is in full Arvut.

This means that I must locate myself correctly here. I don’t criticize; I don’t scrutinize who is in favor of Arvut and who is against it, who in the group is stronger in Arvut or who is weaker. I accept them all as absolute, and that is how I work. In fact, this is truly so because, the moment I establish my attitude toward the friends and say that they are all absolutely corrected and only I am not corrected, the system begins to mold me according to how they are.

I begin to receive Ohr Makif through them, and it molds me absolutely, according to their form.
From the Sochi Convention 6/10/14, Lesson 3

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