The Ego Pushes A Person To Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do the Egyptians push the children of Israel to work in order to bestow?

Answer: By despair! A person performs egoistic actions, Lo Lishma (not for its own sake), but it doesn’t matter since we are below the Machsom (barrier).

The Ego Pushes A Person To Bestowal
Above the Machsom, there is the domination of the bestowal, the altruistic intention, while below the Machsom there is the domination of receiving, the intention for myself. After the shattering the desires fell below the Machsom. The shattering took place on purpose in order to provide the condition in which we will want to return to connection, even egoistically, and that is considered that we have the right intention.

This means that the Light that Reforms will operate on us from Above. The border of Parsa, the Machsom doesn’t stop the Surrounding Light and is not a barrier for it. The Surrounding Light can illuminate even with an egoistic intention and a prayer. The MAN can come from egoistic desires that only yearn a little for bestowal.

The Parsa is a very sensitive border, and so we can reach correction from every state.

The Egyptians, the desires to enjoy, are the ones who push Israel to work in order to bestow so that they can take all the gains afterward. It is like a snake that swallows all the fruit of our work. What else can be a means that helps me advance in addition to Egypt, in addition to my egoistic desires?

A person has no other means. There is a point in the heart that is pushed forward by egoistic vessels: thoughts, desires, and intentions. Without this obstacle I would have nothing but the sparks called the sons of Jacob. These sparks actually don’t want to do anything and are only a Reshimot (reminiscences) inside a person.

We can advance only by the cruel egoistic desires of this world and beyond it: the desires to attain, to understand, to ascend above life and death. Where can we get the energy to come to the lesson every morning and to disseminate? All this comes from the Pharaoh, from our ego. A person who suppresses his ego cannot advance.

Therefore, we don’t restrict our egoistic actions. On the contrary, the more the ego pushes us, the better. As it says, “he who is greater than his friend, his desire is even greater.” A person yearns to attain the Creator, and Pharaoh helps him advance.

We have to use the whole cruel ego we have, which means to go through the 49 gates of impurity. The Egyptians help us advance, but at the same time each time we receive the Light, and so we reach a state in which we have to escape. The Light that comes to us creates this special attitude towards the intention in us, but we perform all the actions at the Egyptians account.

So the best Pharaoh is that which gives us trouble and brings us to a state where we escape from it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/14, Writings of Rabash

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